Don’t leave out key data or context

The rule: Take time to include the full context and any data the email recipient may need to take the requested action.

Never assume that the recipient remembers the context of an email, even if the topic at hand was recently discussed in person, in another email or via other channels of communication.

When sending an email, it's best to imagine that the previous conversation about the topic took place a long time ago and the recipient has no way of finding the required documents, remembering figures or recalling specific details.

Here’s what not to do:

Hi John,
Regarding our conversation – do you agree to what I suggested?

Here’s what to do:

Hi John,
Regarding our conversation on Monday about destinations for the company retreat: Do you agree to my suggestion of booking a night in Vegas on April 20th?

Key takeaway: Pretend you haven’t had any previous discussions on the topic. Take a cue from television and include a brief rundown on what happened previously.

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