Links to are usually added to the bottom of a reply as a friendly reminder.

However, in some cases, the sender may reply to your email with nothing but a link to one or more of the faults on our list, and no additional content.

If you expected a reply from the recipient and received nothing but the link in return, it most likely means that the recipient feels that your email mistakes prevents them from providing you with a proper reply.

Don't be alarmed or offended. This should merely be interpreted as a request from the recipient to correct your email and resend it, so that he or she will be able to better understand you and reply in the most appropriate way.

How it Works

Here’s an example of YourEmailCouldBeBetter in action:

In the above example, the sender made two mistakes:

  1. He used the vague email subject line "Interesting things".
  2. The sender didn’t include a specific call to action such as "Should we buy this product?" or "Do you think the product in the following link should be added to our line?”.

Rather than derailing the email thread (which is an email fault all its own) and/or calling out the sender on his less-than-perfect communication style, the recipient simply added two links in the bottom of his reply. This points out, to the original sender, that the email could be improved on and provides a resource explaining how to do just that.

The recipient simply added these 2 links to the bottom of his reply:

The sender is now free to follow these links, learn, and improve his future emails.

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