Stop asking people to micromanage you

The rule: Accept delegation when offered and run with the task at hand.

We all want our work to be perfect. And to meet expectations, we often ask for input from colleagues, managers and clients.

Asking for opinions, clarifications and general input can be a positive thing when done right, but it becomes counterproductive when done excessively. Our clients and bosses trust us to complete tasks they can't or don't want to complete on their own. There is a fine line between healthy coordination and a demand to micromanage your tasks.

If you received a link to this page, the recipient is trusting you to use your best judgment and get the assignment done without his/her input on the matter. The recipient understands that the decisions you'll make may not be exactly what he or she would have done. Yet, they trust you to take ownership of those decisions and believe that you are more than capable of getting great results on your own.

Key takeaway: The person emailing you to complete a task wouldn’t have done so if they thought you weren’t competent. Give it your all and only ask for input if you’re truly stumped.

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